The history of Le Marche is of course, part and parcel of the history of Italy. And Italy has had what might loosely be called a turbulant history. We’ve been invaded by Gauls, Huns, Greeks and Goths. Then the Germans and the French followed by the Spanish and the French again. It’s a wonder we still have a language we can call our own. Before the Roman Empire spread into Le Marche it was known as Picenum and inhabited by the tribe of Piceni who lived on the Adriatic coast, and the Umbri who lived in the mountains, later spreading into the neighbouring region now known as Umbria.

And then of course, there were the Etruscans, although they lived predominantly on the west side of Italy. They were a people of ancient Italy prior to the Romans with their own language and culture, a civilization that survived from prehistoric time until its complete absorbtion into the Roman Republic. The city of Rome was in Etruscan territory and there is considerable evidence that early Rome was dominated by Etruscans. But gradually the new Republic of Rome began to make its presence felt and when they took the city of Veio in 396 BC, it was the beginning of the end for the Etruscans.

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